The Issues


There is a huge culture of stigma and shame around pregnant and parenting teenagers. It comes from conservative talking heads and, sometimes, it comes from well meaning pro-choice activists who want to reduce unintended pregnancies. The big problem is that this stigma translates into real-life barriers to education, healthcare, jobs, and opportunities for young parents and their families.

All young people need access to information, healthcare, and support - especially those who choose to parent. These young parents need affordable prenatal care, accessible child care, quality jobs and financial and moral support to continue their education.

URGE supports access to comprehensive sex education and maternal healthcare. We advocate for young people’s access to contraception and support for young parents who want to attend college. Happy and productive communities ensure their citizens have access to information and can parent with dignity, while creating an educated and empowered workforce.

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California Assembly Bill 302: Lactation Accommodations in Public Schools

Attending school and having your lactation needs met should not be mutually exclusive.